About Us

About Us – The Hair Junkies

We believe that hair is the single most important feature of any person. Hair defines our beauty, our youthfulness and our health. It is our hair that makes us stand out in the crowd. It is our hair that makes us look and feel alive.

The Hair Junkies is a group of people who have spent a lifetime looking after their hair. They have tried every rule in the book and then some. They have been passing tips and trying to make people feel better about themselves for a long time. They understand that hair care is not easy. Losing hair is even harder. With that in mind, we will try and help you with well-researched, working tips for healthier, shinier hair.

Please be warned that we are not hair doctors, trichologists or dermatologists and do not pretend to be experts. We are just hair lovers, who have spent most of our lives making sure our hair makes people sit up and take notice.

We are The Hair Junkies – Lovers of all things hair!